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Poviat Employment Agency (Powiatowy Urząd Pracy - PUP) is an institution that supports  local job markets as part of the public employment services. It deals with research into and analysis of the job market, replying to the enquiries of the unemployed, serves as a job centre and support in retraining and searching right workers for employers.  


PUP in Elbląg offers the following types of support for employers:



  • Announcing submitted job ads within the territory of PUP’s operations in Elbląg, its Pasłęk branch and other local employment agencies
  • Searching for candidates through PUP employment agents and collaborators from other employment agencies
  • Organising job fairs focused on employers’ needs
  • Publicising recruitment in the local media
  • Training courses for selected candidates
  • Employment counsellor’s support

Employment stage – Labour Fund support:

  • Internship/apprenticeship – employers file an application to PUP to organise internship/apprenticeship. During the internship/apprenticeship period, employers do not incur any costs, interns/apprentices are granted scholarship in PUP as high as 120% of basic unemployment benefit (PLN 997.40 gross /1 month, data valid on 31.05.2016). The internship/apprenticeship lasts at least 3 months, maximum 12 months for persons under 30 and maximum 6 months for persons aged over 30. Employers declare at least three-month employment period after the completion of internship/apprenticeship.
  • Vouchers for persons over 30 years old (only registered unemployed persons may apply):
  1. Internship/apprenticeship vouchers – employers does not incur any costs during the internship/apprenticeship period of 6 months, interns/apprentices are granted scholarship in PUP as high as 120% of basic unemployment benefit (PLN 997.40 gross /1 month, data valid on 31.05.2016). Employers are obliged to employ the intern/apprentice for the next 6 months. After that period, they receive one-off bonus from PUP of PLN 1513.50 (the bonus is subject to adjustment).
  2. Employment vouchers – employers take on previously unemployed persons for at least 18 months,while PUP refunds  a part of remuneration and social security expenses for 12 months equal to basic unemployment benefit (PLN 831.10 gross/1 month/1 person,  data valid on 31.05.2016).
  3. Training vouchers – poviat starostes refund the cost of 100% of average salary (up to 4,181.49 zlotys – 1st quarter 2016) for one or several training courses, medical or psychological tests, transport to and accommodation at the training course site.
  4. Commuter vouchers – upon the unemployed person’s request, poviat starostes may grant up to 200% of the average salary (up to 8,362.98 zlotys – 1st quarter 2016) in connection with his/her employment contract or starting a business if:

             - he/she receives at least minimal salary and, on account of it, he/she will be insured under social security scheme   

             - his/her work-home distance equals to at least 80 km or travel time exceeds 3 hours a day

             - he/she will be employed for at least 6 months

  • Assisted employment – upon the employer’s unrejected application to PUP, if he/she employs an unemployed person, who was referred to the employer by PUP,  for 9 months, PUP refunds up to 6 months (full-time employment – refund of 980 zlotys/1 person/ 1 month – in 2016).
  • Refund of Social Security expenses in connection with employing a referred unemployed person. Employers file applications in PUP, and, upon approval, sign a contract with an unemployed person, referred by PUP, for at least 13 months. After 12 months, during the 13th month, employers receive a refund of no more than 300% of minimal wage – 1850 zlotys x 300% = up to 5550 zlotys (since January 2016). The amount concerns one referred person.
  • Refund of Social Security expenses  for referred unemployed persons aged under 30 with the first contract ever (refund up to 50% lowest monthly salary for 12 months = 925 zlotys) Employers file applications in PUP and, upon approval, they sign an 18-month contract with a referred unemployed person.  
  • Refund for employing an unemployed person aged over 50. Employers file applications in PUP and, upon approval, they sign an employment contract with a referred unemployed person. The refund must not exceed 50% of the lowest salary (up to 925 zlotys since January 2016) for:

           -12 months for the unemployed person aged 50-59

           -24 months for the unemployed person aged over 60


Employers are obliged to prolong contracts of the referred persons after the refund period by 6 or 12 months, respectively.

  • Refund of expenses related to standard or optional workplace equipment– for one created workplace (up to six times of an average salary = up to 25,088.94 zlotys). Filing an application for a refund in PUP is the first stage of creating a new workplace. Upon approval, and signing a contract with PUP, one purchases machines/devices suitable for a workplace, at one’s own cost. PUP refunds the amount stated in the contract. After creating a new workplace, it is possible to take on an unemployed person, on referral by PUP. The workplace must be kept for 24 months.
  • Training on the employer’s demand  - The cost of one unemployed person’s training must not exceed 300% of an average salary in a given year (up to 12,544.47 zlotys). Unemployed persons file applications in an employment agency  and employers are obliged to employ them for at least 6 months after completing the training course. Work under employment contract must commence immediately after the completion of training.
  • Co-financing business activity. Non-refundable aid (up to six times average salary up to 25,088.94 zlotys) may be granted to unemployed persons who are starting a business. The aid covers, for instance, business-related legal aid and consulting. Upon approval of an unemployed person’s application, he/she signs an agreement with the agency; the agreement defines the person’s rights and duties, disbursement dates and settlement of the funds. The business must be run for at least 12 months.

           - Creating a social cooperative - up to four times an average salary – up to 16,725.96 zlotys

           - Joining a social cooperative – up to three times an average salary – up to 12,544.47 zlotys


If new jobs are created for:

-unemployed parents who are returning to work and have at least one child aged up to 6

-unemployed people attending a dependant who could not accept any jobs due to child care (or care of a dependant) three years before registering in an employment agency as unemployed persons

Employers may use:

a) grants for teleworking  

Employers who intend to create a teleworker’s job may receive financial support as high as six times minimal wage. In accordance with the agreement, employers are obliged to employ a referred unemployed person for 12 months (full-time job) or for 18 months (half-time).

One will not receive grants for:

- employer’s/entrepreneur’s spouse  

- employer’s/entrepreneur’s parent

- employer’s/entrepreneur’s  siblings

- one’s own/adopted child of an employer’s/entrepreneur’s, employer’s/entrepreneur’s spouses’, employer’s/entrepreneur’s  siblings’


b) employment activation benefit

Employers who take on jobless persons referred by PUP (parents or carers) for 12 months, is entitled to a refund equal to  ½ minimal wage. Extra employment period after refunding ends is equal to 6 months.

Employers who employ a person from the above-mentioned group for 18 months is entitled to receive aid equal to 1/3 minimal wage (valid in the 18-month period). An additional period of employment after the end of refunding is 9 months.