Elbląg has always been an important economic, industrial, administrative and military centre. Heavy industry has been Elbląg’s main advantage – foundries, factories, shipyards, steam engine and carriage factories.  The 2nd half of the 19th c. in particular was a period of intensive development in those fields, likewise in weaving, dyeing and glass-making. Agriculture and food companies, tobacco and  soap-stores and also oil mills also flourished. However, it is shipbuilding that became the key industry in town. In 1837, Ferdynand Schichau, founded a factory, and seventeen years later a shipyard.  Other major industries were cigar and car production, Neufeld’s ironworks and  Tiessen’s iron foundry.

There are over 12,000 business entities in Elbląg, including around 100 with foreign capital. Numerous investors decide to run businesses in smaller towns/cities such as Elbląg, appreciating more comfort and good life quality, less  hustle and pressure typical of big cities. The city holds foreign companies in electromechanical, food and furniture industries and modern business services. 


Leading industries in Elbląg:


- metallurgic

- energy

- furniture

- IT

- food



Services and production in Elbląg - leading companies by industries